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Get off to a good start in med school

Welcome to the largest information center for excelling in medical school. Watch the video and explore the page below!

Begin step-by-step

Learn how to use Anki

Anki (from japanese, 暗記, memorization) is an open-source flashcard app that uses a spaced repetition algorithm, which is proven to increase memory and retention. It is especially helpful for studying very dense subjects, such as in medical education. With this app, you can optimize your study time, learning more with less effort

To make things easier, we have created the Anki Mastery Course to show you from zero to advanced how to use Anki to leverage your studies in the medical school.

Get the best flashcards

Our team, over the past five years, has gathered the best medical flashcards decks and created a collection organized according to the main study platforms. This deck is called AnKing Step Deck

To streamline daily updates on the deck, we created a web application, AnkiHub, that allows instant collaboration between all users. With AnkiHub, you can customize your Anki experience using tags updated according to your university's curriculum!

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Receive direct help

We also have a subscription service called AnKing VIP. Become a VIP and get access to exclusive new add-ons, individualized email support, exclusive Q&A sessions, early release videos and more!

We have created a tutoring service that specializes in guiding you through medical school. Get individualized 1-on-1 help with anything related to medical school, residency, and Anki in a 30-minute 1-on-1 session with an expert from our team! We also offer personal statement reviews.

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